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How to Dye Your Hair with 100% Pure Indigo a.k.a Wasmah

Posted by in Hair Care on October 18, 2013 . 0 Comments.

How to Dye Your Hair with 100% Pure Indigo a.k.a Wasmah

Dyeing grey hairs is Sunnah and is part of the teachings of Islam. It means dyeing grey hairs on the head and in the beard, for men. For women, it refers to the hair of the head. For those of us who have tried pure henna and haven't been pleased with the red color, there IS an alternative. There is a Sunnah way to color your hair a very dark brown. Yes, you heard me :) It is Sunnah to use two plants called Katam a.k.a Buxus, which is extremely hard to come buy and Indigo, a.k.a Wasmah. I have written a blog post explaining these two in detail here:

Here is a step by step guide to using Indigo.

According to Hadith, Wasmah/Indigo must be used with Henna to avoid black hair. Above photo is greying, dark brown hair, that has been dyed numerous times with pure henna.

Next, you will need to grab yourself a packet of 100% Pure and Organic Indigo. You want to make sure it's pure to avoid any allergic reactions to nasty hidden chemicals in cheaper products.

Your Henna Maiden Indigo, includes plastic gloves and a shower cap. From experience, though, I would highly recommend getting yourself better quality gloves as the ones provided are way too big and tend to come off as your trying to apply the indigo to your hair which results in disastrous stained fingers!! Consider yourself warned :)

Empty your indigo into a bowl.

Add roughly 1 and a half to 2 cups of hot,not boiling, water. You need the mixture to have the consistency of thick yoghurt.

Straight after mixing, there is no need to wait for the mixture to dye release. It can be used immediately. Apply the indigo all over your hair making sure you get right down to the roots to make sure you get an even color result. It's a very messy process so make sure that you have protected all surfaces even the floor, with old sheets. That's what I do anyway. I can't manage to do anything neatly! Maybe that's just me, but why take a chance, right? :)

Once all that lovely green goo has been applied to your hair, place the shower cap provided on top and then clingwrap your entire head to keep the mixture warm, moist and contained!! Your not finished yet, now you need to apply a beanie or scarf to trap the heat even more and it also aids in the purpose to make you look semi normal. Otherwise, you might scare small children or even your husband away with your plastic wrapped hair! lol!

Now sit back and wait roughly 4-5 hours with this lovely slimy gunk on your head. Some people sleep in it, I honestly don't know how they do that. That's plain crazy and extremely dedicated! I value my sleep way too much to ever try to sleep in my indigo :) Who's with me?

Once you have patiently finished waiting for the indigo to work it's magic, it's time to shower! Yippe!! Be warned though, your shower will look like some one just had explosive diarrhea in there. Excuse my language!! Your shower will quite literally be covered in green matter. All four walls, the floor, all your hair care products, EVERYTHING!!!! Don't freak out too much though, it's very easily washed away with plain water as you continue showering :) Do I hear sighs of relief? ;D

One tip I do have is don't wash the indigo out with shampoo. Just plain water, and if you feel you must, than use some conditioner to detangle the mess that your hair will be in. Indigo takes roughly 2 days to oxidize to reveal it's true color. As in it will continue dying your hair and changing it's shade for a 48 hour period. This is why it's important to avoid shampooing it out as you will halt the dying process.







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