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Islamic College Of Melbourne Eid il-Fitr Festival 2013

Posted by in Events on August 25, 2013 . 0 Comments.

Islamic College Of Melbourne Eid il-Fitr Festival 2013

“Wind gusts of more than 100 kilometres an hour are expected to begin buffeting the state's west this morning”.

Oh my Allah!! This was the top news story that I woke up to on Friday morning. 1 hour before I was expected to set up my stall for ICOM’S Eid Festa. I was terrified to say the least!!

I put my brave face on and rugged up with a million layers (okay,3 layers) of clothes to keep that crazy wind off me and headed out the door.

Mash‘Allah, driving up to the school, I was so excited! I momentarily forgot about the windy weather that was expected to hit us. The school was decorated with festive balloons and eid banners. The rides were so much bigger and better than last year’s eid festa. The kids practically jumped out of the car before I even parked the car properly.

Now, between you and me, setting up my humble little stall was ugly. The wind had already reared its windy head and stock just wouldn’t stay standing up (or even staying on the table!) I nearly cried when a bottle of my beloved Sweet Sunnah Black Seed Oil flew off the table and crashed into a million pieces! (Okay, maybe 10?) That magnificent bottle flew off that table like it had grown wings or something. It was a miracle to behold I tells ya! Needless to say, I gave up on making a pretty stall for oh so halal and kept my precious babies in boxes. On a positive note, the spilled black seed meant my stall smelled amazing for the rest of the day :)

Check out what my stall looked like. Fancy, if I do say so myself. So much awesome products to feast your eyes on! And did you check out my very NOT tacky masking tape in a failed attempt to keep my banner from flying up and hitting me in the face? I know, quite fetching. I out did myself this year.

After a few hours of unlimited rides, and hanging out with the oh so cute farm animals, my kids got tired and came over to hang out at my stall.




My daughter Khadija came up with a brainwave of an idea to keep herself busy. She decided to offer to apply henna nail stains for a small fee. The students couldn’t get enough, which meant Khadija was stuck at my stall until the end of the festa. She loved it though as it brought out her girly side.


My boy also decided to help and made himself in charge of selling the Halal Mixed Lollies. Haram, he couldn’t keep up. He was constantly trying to restock the lolly bag supply in the crazy wind which was a challenge in itself!



All in all, we all had a fantastic day. Thank you ICOM for organizing such a wonderful event. You outdid yourself this year.  

I would love to hear other peoples experiences about how they dealt with the windy weather. Any tips you can pass on to me for next year? It seems like windy Eid Festa Day, will be the norm. As I recall last years Eid Festa was so windy, our gazebo/canopy nearly flew away with the intensity of the wind!!

Narrated by Anas (R.A)

“Whenever a strong wind blew, anxiety appeared on the face of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), out fear that the wind might be a sign of Allah's wrath”.

Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol 2, Book 17, Number 144)


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