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Commonly asked questions about Henna Maiden Hair Color

Posted by in Hair Care on September 13, 2013 . 2 Comments.

Commonly asked questions about our Henna Maiden Hair Color

Here’s what we don't put in our Hair Dyes:
Synthetic Fragrances

What is Henna? Henna is a plant that dyes naturally and has been used by Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) for thousands of years.

Do I have to mix things like tea and lemon in your dyes? No, our hair dyes are made to simply mix hot water and apply. We spent 3 years formulating our hair dyes to be the most simple natural hair dyes in the world.

How do we get all the colors without adding chemicals? Our unique color system combines premium body art quality henna and Ayurvedic herbs to get natural, organic hair color without any chemicals. 

Do we test on Animals? Never! 

Does your hair dye have any PPD's? No, PPD"S are chemicals that cause serious allergic reactions like asthma, blisters, burning and itching. Please read your ingredients on all your cosmetic products and stay away from PPD's.

How long does it last? Henna gradually fades so 1-3 months is the average time. You will see root grow out before the color fades.

Can I use your hair dye if I'm pregnant? Our Hair Dyes are so pure you can eat them. All our ingredients are safe and natural for pregnant women.

How long do I have to leave the dye on for? Henna Maiden hair dye should be left on for 2-4 hours. Everyone is different so you will have to discover the magic number that works for you.

Can I use Henna Maiden over chemical dyes? Yes! Henna Maiden is so pure and natural that it's like putting beet juice on your hair. Because there are no chemicals in our dyes you can use them over chemical dyes and you can use chemical dyes over them.

Will your hair dyes lighten my hair? Because our dyes have no chemicals they will not lighten your hair. They will change the color, darken the color, or make your hair color brighter and healthier.



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