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Halal,Sunnah,Natural and Organic Health Care products to nourish you from the inside out.

Posted by in Health on February 21, 2017 .

My absolute favourite 'Go To' oil for headache relief, or for that matter, ANY aches and pains. Especially stomach pain and cramps 

Posted by in Health on May 30, 2016 .

Woke up with a smashing headache today. You know the kind of headache which is sensitive to light? I felt like the morning sun was a laser beam going through my right eyeball to the back of my brain. Thank goodness for my sore muscle oil, rubbed a healthy amount all over my forehead and the back of my neck and slowly but surely I am able to start opening my eyes again without feeling pain Alhumdullilah. I'll apply a bit more after about 20 minutes to keep the headache at bay. I need to get up already and get to work. Oh Monday, why must you be so torturous?! 

Whilst I'm singing the praises of this amazing sore muscle oil blend, I...

Posted by in Health on May 25, 2016 .

Who Sells the Best Black Seed Oil Products?

You may have caught yourself wondering 'Who Sells the Best Black Seed Oil Products?' Well ponder no more as we at Oh So Halal headquarters are proud to offer the largest range of quality Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) Health and Beauty products in Australia!

Oh So Halal is your online source for truly natural personal care products and nutritional supplements formulated with one of the world’s greatest herbs, the Black Seed.

What We Are About... We sell and distribute, wholesale and retail, Sweet Sunnah Black Seed Oil Health and Beauty Products for Australia and New Zealand....

Posted by in Health on June 25, 2015 .

Enjoy a healthy life full of vitality and activity by adding Gum Arabic to your daily diet.

Gum Arabic also known as Gum Acacia, is a natural Gum harvested from the exterior of Acacia trees after it dries in the form of a dry hard nodules, Gum Arabic contains a high percentage of natural soluble fibers (85%) and calcium.

Its unique properties endow it with a wide range of uses in food, beverage, pharmaceutical industries and industrial applications.

Gum Arabic Benefits:

1 - Gum Arabic is considered a high source of natural soluble fibers (more than 85%) which helps the digestion process and prevent the digestive system from...

Do you know that looking after ourselves is so important….our bodies are an amanah & we should look after them the best possible way. Alhamdulillah Islam is so beautiful that for every problem there is a solution & for every disease there is a cure:-

Our beloved Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said: “For every disease there is a remedy and when the remedy is made apparent, then the disease is cured by the permission of Allah Almighty'". [Muslim]

He also said said: “He who has put diseases on the earth, has also put its remedy there”. [Tirmidi]

Please remember shifaa (cure) is from Allah SWT but it is from the...

Posted by in Health on April 21, 2015 .

Sweet Sunnah© Black Seed Herb, Inc. (Nigella Sativa) is freshly cold-pressed (virgin-first-pressing) using only the highest quality NON-GMO and organically sourced Nigella Sativa seeds form India, and is Guaranteed 100% Pure, Solvent-Free and Non-Refined.

Sweet Sunnah© Black Seed Oil contains Thymoquinone (TQ), a powerful anti-oxidant and volatile oil that has been widely studied for allergy, inflammatory and immune system response and is primarily present in therapeutic-grade Nigella Sativa oil. Sweet Sunnah© Black Seed Oil contains a minimum of 0.95% and as much as 2.5% TQ (the highest natural occurring source available) and...

Posted by in Health, Home Ambiance, Events on December 05, 2014 .

I love receiving feedback from happy customers! It really does light up my whole day  I had to share with you her excitement! lol! 

"OMG! My friend loved the himalayan salt lamp set that I bought off you in arabic and english. I bought it for her as an engagement present. She was jumping up and down saying that's the best present she's ever gotten! haha, love you runz" :D 

Are you sick of constantly washing and remaking the bed?

The Up and Under Linen & Mattress Protector will relieve a lot of the stress and frustration associated with bedwetting and toilet training in children. It is also ideal for the management of incontinence in adults. 

When in the past the top sheet, doona or blankets often needed changing, now the waterproof top sheet that is the main feature of the Up and Under elininates the need to change and wash the doona or covers when accidents occur. The leakage is absorbed and contained within the Up and Under, eliminating the need to remake the entire bed. 

Simply remove the...