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Keep up to date with oh so halal's social events and market days.

Posted by in Events on June 02, 2015 .

It was Big! It was Fat! It was Oh So Cheesy! :D 

Oh So Halal was proud to attend the first annual ‘Big Fat Muslim Festival’ at Sandown Racecourse in Melbourne last weekend on the 31st of May 2015 organised by Pillars of Guidance Community Centre (PGCC). A 100% non for profit community organisation which aims to serve and engage the Muslim community in the South East of Melbourne.

This was an all-weather event. Capacity for thousands under cover!

Special Guests:
- Bachar Houli (AFL)
- Fawad Ahmed (Cricket Australia)
- Kamal Saleh

Rides & Activities: 
- Tons of rides for kids, adults, seniors and sisters
- Sumo...

Posted by in Health, Home Ambiance, Events on December 05, 2014 .

I love receiving feedback from happy customers! It really does light up my whole day  I had to share with you her excitement! lol! 

"OMG! My friend loved the himalayan salt lamp set that I bought off you in arabic and english. I bought it for her as an engagement present. She was jumping up and down saying that's the best present she's ever gotten! haha, love you runz" :D 

I took the opportunity to visit the Islamic Museum of Australia today with my family. Ma shaa Allah, we were blown away by it's beauty and wealth of interesting and exciting information/exhibits that were on offer. We will definitely visit again soon in shaa Allah. 

I made a little collage with some of the pics that I took today while I was there 

Got there late. The heat was putting us off, Melbourne was expecting to heat up to 35 degrees celcsius! We eventually got there at 2pm.

2 hours was there was definitely NOT enough time to see everything. I loved it so much. I can’t wait to go there again on my own (a.k.a...

Posted by in Events on February 27, 2014 .

The Barakah Bag on Facebook:

The Barakah Bag - Endless blessings - for the small business, the consumer, and the Refugees/asylum seekers in Melbourne ♥


The Barakah Bag - as its name suggests, has endless blessings and purpose. Small businesses have come together within the community to give back to it by offering its consumers samples and vouchers. This has allowed small business owners to take the opportunity to help market their products, for consumers to try new products from our community and ultimately, with 100% of sales from the bags, help sponsor food for 1...

Posted by in Events on October 04, 2013 .


The Ummah Jameelah Islamic Playgroup's Pre Eid Market was a wonderful day out and a fantastic holiday activity for the little one's. The market showcased a wonderful array of stalls from local Melbournian sisters with their beautiful products. The kids were kept extremely busy mash'Aallah with: a sausage sizzle, face painting, badge making, show bags, cup cakes, playground, toys, and lots more! 

Some of the beautiful people and products from today's Market Day!- Photo from Ummah Jameelah :)


                       Facepainting.                                                          Badgemaking  


      Oh So...

Posted by in Events on September 30, 2013 .

Oh So Halal will be holding a stall at Ummah Jameelah's Islamic Playgroup and Kindergarten's Fundraiser Pre Eid Market! 

Come and support this great event. We have a great, covered outdoor area with sandpit and play equipment to keep the kids occupied, while mums can shop. Money raised from Stall Hire Fees will go into the kitty to help to support the running costs of the islamic playgroup, kinda, and teen programs. Money raised from the sale of food and drinks on the day will be donated to the orphans of Syria in shaa Allah.

There will be a sausage sizzle, face painting, badge making, show bags, cup cakes and lots more! Don't...

Posted by in Events on September 22, 2013 .


Thank you to the wonderful ladies from Northern Community Market. You out did yourself by oranizing such a wonderful market at Roxburgh Park Shopping Centre today. Oh So Halal was having a great time enjoying the carnival atmosphere whilst at the same time having the pleasure of meeting so many lovely people. I honestly don't know how you guys manage to pull off organizing this market time and time again. Your amazing! I was also so proud of my sister in law who launched her Up and Under Linen & Mattress Protector. Masha'Allah she worked so hard to produce such an amazing product. So many talented sisters today at the...

Posted by in Events on August 25, 2013 .

Islamic College Of Melbourne Eid il-Fitr Festival 2013

“Wind gusts of more than 100 kilometres an hour are expected to begin buffeting the state's west this morning”.

Oh my Allah!! This was the top news story that I woke up to on Friday morning. 1 hour before I was expected to set up my stall for ICOM’S Eid Festa. I was terrified to say the least!!

I put my brave face on and rugged up with a million layers (okay,3 layers) of clothes to keep that crazy wind off me and headed out the door.

Mash‘Allah, driving up to the school, I was so excited! I momentarily forgot about the windy weather that was expected to hit us. The...