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Dua Al Jannah Attar Perfume Oil
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Brand: Aswar Product Code: ASWAR003
Alcohol-Free Perfume OilScents/NotesTop Note: JasmineMiddle Note: Fruity NotesBase Note: Floral NotesIngredients: Pure OilSize: 8mlManufactured By: Hamil Al MuskMade in: UAE..
Musk Al Tahara
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Brand: Aswar Product Code: ASWAR001
White Musk - Musk Al TaharaIngredients: Pure white musk oilSize: 6mlMade in: UAE..
Brand: Aswar Product Code: ASWAR002
Musk Aswad-Black Musk Alcohol-Free Attar Perfume Oil by Aswar PerfumesIngredients: Pure black musk oilFor External Use OnlySize: 6mlMade in UAE..
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