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Brand: Sweet Sunnah Product Code: 10101
Fresh, Nutritious and Tastes Great - Naturally! A comprehensive source of organic and naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and amino-acids. Narrated Abu Huraira: I heard Allah's Apostle saying "There is healing in Black Cumin for all diseases except death." (Sahih Bukhari 7:71:592) Sugge..
Brand: Sweet Sunnah Product Code: 10102
Our signature herb- Nigella sativa, aside from being a delicious culinary herb, is also a legendary medicinal herb of ancient usage and considerable modern credence. Black seed (Nigella sativa) is considered to be one of the greatest healing herbs of all times. This herb has been used for millenn..
Brand: Sweet Sunnah Product Code: 10229
Exp: Jan/2022 Black Seed Turmeric Plus Turmeric (Curcuma) And Black Seed Powder 60 Veggie Caps Powerful antioxidant enhances immune and nervous system* Promotes a healthy inflammatory response* Helps to maintain a healthy liver* Boosts brain function and memory* Relieves joi..
Brand: The Frankincense Store Product Code: TFS005
Maydi - Chewing Gum Known as the King of Frankincense in Somalia, Maydi resins look crystallised and have a translucent golden colour. It is widely used as a chewing gum, and has many healing benefits for the mouth and stomach. A prestigious chewing gum made from the sap of the Boswellia Frere..
Brand: The Frankincense Store Product Code: TFS001
Black Hojari Black Hojari has large teardrops of dark Honey coloured resins, with an aroma of sweet and spicy tones. These resins are larger than normal size, and are naturally gelled with other grades, as it’s quite sticky and fresh. It’s ideal for purifying the atmosphere, enhancing your sen..
Brand: The Frankincense Store Product Code: OSH30
Yellow Hojari Frankincense Resin This grade is known for its healing properties, and is ideal for internal use. Our 100% Organic and Natural, Yellow Hojari Frankincense resin has a refreshingly light and sweet lemony aroma. The Boswellic acids (BAs) in the resin purify the blood cells, redu..
Brand: Altaiba-International Product Code: ALT000
Size/Dimensions:  Medium: 150 x 13 mm New concept to safely and hygienically store your siwak after use. Plastic pen like miswak holder opens to keep your siwak clean from dust and insects. Keep the holder securely in your pocket, desk, or bathroom. How to use: Soak the root in water for a ..
Brand: oh so halal Product Code: OSH0041
Size: 130 grams Ingredients: Marine Sea Incense Costus Root Powder Exp: 5/1/21 Product of India There are essentially two types of Qust, Indian (Qust al Hindi) and Marine/Sea (Qust al Bahri). Qust al Bahri is milder than the Hindi as the Hindi is a ‘Hot’ herb. Instructions: Qust is us..
Oud Qust Al-Hindi (Indian Costus Root) Powder - 200 grams (Past Expiry Date)
-67 %
Brand: Hemani Product Code: HEM00202
Exp: Feb 2020Size: 200 gramsIngredients: Costus Root Powder Made in: Pakistan Manufactured by: Hemani International For more detailed information about Oud Qust Al Hindi: Referenced in Prophetic Me..
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Brand: Pure Food Esssentials Product Code: PFE003
Certified Organic Black Pepper Powder - Piper Nigrum Gluten FreeNon IrradiatedNo AdditivesNo FillersSafe FoodPure OrganicBest Before: Dec 2021Size: 80 gmProduced in India..
Brand: Pure Food Esssentials Product Code: PFE004
Certified Organic Ginger Powder - Zingiber OfficinaleGluten FreeNon IrradiatedNo AdditivesNo FillersSafe FoodPure OrganicBest Before: Jan 2022Size: 80 gmProduct of India..
Ground Cinnamon Powder - 80 gm
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Brand: Pure Food Esssentials Product Code: PFE001
Certified Organic Ground Cinnamon Powder - Cinnamomum Verum Cinnamomum Verum is considered a true cinnamon originating in Ceylon.Pure OrganicNon IrradiatedNo AdditivesNo FillersGluten FreeSize: 80 gramsProduct of India..
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