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Detailed Product Instructions For Henna Hair Colors, Conditioners & Treatments

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Detailed Product Instructions For Henna Hair Colors, Conditioners & Treatments

Please read the following extensive instructions completely before use and see the NOTICE at the end.

Hair is like fingerprints, no two are the same, so always strand test to see the color on your hair before full application. Natural hair color takes longer than chemicals, please be patient with finding your ideal mixing and application process. As you learn how the product works for you, it may be necessary to alter the process slightly to find your ideal technique. Once you find your perfect technique it will work every time. Your hair, scalp, skin, and health are worth it plus you'll look great naturally!

COLOR & PLANT SENSITIVITY TEST: First time users should always perform a hair color strand test and skin sensitivity test before first time full application of hair color. For Hair Treatments and Cassia Obovata (known as Neutral Henna), perform a hair color strand test if your hair is blonde, white, or grey as the Hair Treatments and Cassia Obovata may leave a golden hue on these light hair colors. You may condition with the Hair Treatment and Cassia Obovata as often as needed either before or after using our henna hair colors. See NOTICE section at the end.

Cover surfaces that might stain (counters, floors, etc.). Tear open the re-sealable package (keep package for storing leftover powder). Remove the powder pack, gloves, and hair cap. NOTE: Powder is greenish or brownish for all hair colors, treatments, and Cassia Obovata, as they are all natural plants! Wash your hair, eyebrows, facial hair, and/or body hair with one of our natural shampoos to remove dirt, debris, oils and conditioners that can prevent product of coloring or conditioning hair properly. Apply our products to dry, or slightly damp hair, but not soaking wet as this will prevent proper coloring and conditioning.

Our products work on ALL HAIR TYPES (African, Asian, Caucasian, Indian, Latin, and others) as well as working well on chemically colored, bleached, straightened, or damaged hair. This product cannot lighten dark hair. This is a permanent hair color that lasts 4 - 8 weeks depending upon new root growth, shampoo & conditioner used (sulfate free and organic), and hair condition (healthy or damaged prior to using this product). The more often you use this product the better your results will be. You may color as often as needed. Product may be applied to the roots as needed to touch up and cover new growth by mixing smaller amounts specifically for this purpose.

MIX: Using a clean, glass bowl (product may stain plastic or ceramic bowls), dispense only the amount of powder needed for heavy coverage of areas you are coloring. Slowly add warm water (distilled or filtered is best) while stirring with a spoon to get a smooth paste. Paste should be thick like pancake batter to stick to the hairs. For the colors: light brown, medium brown, dark brown, auburn, mahogany, black, or indigo colors, adding a small amount of table salt to the paste mixture (1 teaspoon for an entire 100 gram package) will darken the final color further (do not use table salt with light colors, Hair Treatments or Cassia Obovata). Reduce the amount of salt used if using less than full package. Paste has a natural plant scent. You may add a few drops of our essential oils to create a custom scent if desired. Store any unused powder in this re-sealable air tight package and store for up to one year in a cool, dark, dry place.

APPLY: Wear supplied gloves. Most users should apply immediately after mixing. For hair, separate into small sections. Scoop paste into fingers. Apply a very thick coat from roots to ends. Paste must touch hair to color it so apply heavily. Wear supplied hair cap to retain heat and moisture. First time users leave on for a minimum of 1.5 - 3 hours. The longer you leave it on, the better color and conditioning results. For eyebrows, beard, and/or mustache, use fingers to push paste deep into hairs then smooth a coat over the top. You should not see your hairs sticking through the paste. Do not apply with a brush. First time users leave on for a minimum of 1.5 - 3 hours. Leave on times may be substantially shortened as you learn your ideal application process.

RINSE: Use warm water to remove the paste. Do not shampoo for at least 24 hours after coloring as this may affect final color. You may use conditioner after rinsing, if desired. Use only natural, sulfate free shampoo, and conditioner to prevent the color from fading prematurely.

Paste may stain skin slightly, but comes off easily with soap, water, and washcloth. Some color may bleed during showers for 1 - 5 days afterward, especially on hair damaged prior to using this natural product (whether mechanical or chemical damage). If color bleeding persists, re-application will help repair your hair allowing it to better hold the color. Final color depends on starting color and condition of your hair before coloring (healthy or damaged).


Stubborn Grey: May require multiple applications of this 1 Step Process. Extra stubborn grey may require the 2 Step Process.

1 Step Process vs. 2 Step Process: Our Browns and Black Hair Colors are created by combining henna plant dye with indigo plant dye in varying ratios to get the desired shade. Our hair colors are premixed with the optimum ratios of henna and indigo, in a 1 Step Process, to make it easier for our customers wanting Browns or Black colors.

Nearly all users get a good color result using our 1 Step Process colors, so this should always be tried first. A small percentage people with extra stubborn grey will require a 2 Step Process to cover their grey due to their particular hair grabbing too much henna (red/orange), or too much indigo (blue/purple) when using a 1 Step Process. The 2 Step Process simply means doing two applications, one using Pure Henna Powder, then immediately afterwards you do a second using your color of choice (or Pure Indigo Powder to get black hair color).

Lemon Juice or Vinegar: DO NOT add lemon juice unless you want more red color. Adding lemon juice or vinegar to hair colors will increase red tones (reduces blue/purple tones, if present). Use caution when adding these ingredients as they may drastically affect color outcome. Lemon Juice or Vinegar should never be used with Hair Treatments, Cassia Obovata (neutral henna) or Pure Indigo Powder.

Application Delay: ONLY FOR HAIR THAT ABSORBS INDIGO STRONGLY (users of Medium Brown to Black Colors): Once mixed into a paste, most people should apply immediately. However, some users whose hair absorbs more of the blue/purple color from the Indigo may want to delay 10 – 30 minutes before applying the paste as this will reduce the intensity of the Indigo (blue/purple), and increase the effect of the henna (red color), for a more natural color. This is only necessary if you find that your hair grabs blue/purple. If you wish to wait, be sure to stir every few minutes, adding water so the paste does not dry out. Waiting increases red tones and decreases any Indigo blue & purple tones, if present at all.

NOTICE: This product does not contain PPD (Para-Phenylenediamine) or other chemicals found in traditional hair colors. Sensitivity to this product is extremely rare. If any sensitivity occurs, it is due to one of the plants in our formula. First time users should do a spot sensitivity test by mixing a small amount of powder into a paste with water and apply it to the inner wrist and/or near the hairline in the back on the neck. After 2 hours, rinse with warm water. Wait and evaluate for sensitivity or redness after 24 hours. If sensitivity develops, do not use this product or others like it. Organic Aloe Vera gel and/or Organic Coconut Oil applied to the skin and scalp will calm any sensitivity reactions if you develop one after application.



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