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Misk (Musk): A Sunnah

Posted by in Health, Beauty on March 04, 2014 . 2 Comments.

Misk (Musk)

Taken From: Healing with the medicine of the Prophet (peace be upon him), by Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyah

Muslim narrated that Abu Sai'd Al-Khudri said that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "The best type of perfume is Musk." 

In the Sahihain it is also narrated that ‘Aishah (RA) said: "I used to anoint the Prophet (peace be upon him) with perfumed Musk before assuming Ihram, on the Day of the Sacrifice and before performing Tawaf around the (Sacred) House."

Musk is the king of all perfumes, it has the best aroma. Other types of perfumes are usually compared to Musk, but Musk is never compared to them. Also, the hills and sands of Paradise are made of Musk.

Musk is a hot, dry substance of the second degree, and it brings comfort and joy to the hearts and strengthens the inner organs when it is drunk or smelled. Musk also brings strength and comfort to the external organs when anointed with it. Musk is profitable for old people and those who have excessive skin moistures, especially during winter, and also helps against fainting, shaking, and the general weakness in the body as it excites the instinctive heat. Musk clears the white part in the eye and dries excess moisture in it, and also dissipates swelling in various organs. Musk also works as an antidote for some poisons, and helps against snakebite. It has many other benefits.

Taken From: As-Suyuti’s Medicine of the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), by Jalalu’d-Din Abd’ur-Rahman As-Suyuti

When women have finished their period, they use musk to repel the after effects of the blood.

It has been related that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, used to ask for this perfume on Fridays; and he said it should be used after having a ghusl with warm water on Fridays.

There is an element in musk that purifies the essential composition of air, especially during times when there is pestilence.

It is halal to use musk as a medicine.

Musk comes from the navel of a wild animal which resembles a deer, but which has two curved canine teeth which look like horns.

The best musk deer are found in Khorasan. The next best come from China, and after that, from India.



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