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We Give You 5 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Almond Oil

Posted by in Beauty, Hair Care on April 17, 2015 . 0 Comments.

Almond Oil is known to have super strength when it comes to taking care of our skin and hair – and it’s not very expensive. Almond Oil has always been a healthy oil, loaded with vitamins A, D and E to take care of all your skin problems. From dry skin to irritated skin, from treating scalp inflammation to getting rid of split ends, Almond Oil does it all.

1. Almond Oil makes for a wonderful facial moisturiser

Just wash your face and apply it as soon as you get out of the shower. The semi-wet skin will make it absorb the oil without making it look greasy. But in all honesty, Almond Oil is less greasy than any other oil in the beauty business. So use it twice a day for best results. Almond Oil is known to soothe irritated skin and it helps hydrate dry skin.


2. Almond Oil can be better than a leave-in conditioner

Your hair is frizzy and slightly dull and you have tried every lotion, cream, and conditioner with no results. Then your next best option? Almond Oil. Almond oil is known to strengthen the hair, give lifeless hair some much-needed TLC and is also good at tackling split ends. If you ever want to give your hair some care, just massage two teaspoons of Almond Oil on your hair, rub it in on your scalp in a circular motion, and keep it that way for a minimum of 6 hours. Then rinse and wash away and watch it become fabulous in minutes! You wouldn’t even need a hair conditioner or serum, believe it or not!

3. Say no to eye-creams, say yes to Almond Oil

Yes, Almond Oil is good for your eyes. To prevent those puffy eyes and crows’ feet, you need to apply a bit of Almond Oil around your eyes before you go to bed. It is known to even take care of dark circles and dull under-eye areas due to its vitamin A quotient, so just make Almond Oil your BFF before you head to bed. This oil is also good for those trying to fight ageing around the eyes.


4. Almond Oil prevents stretch marks

Ah, those pesky stretch marks and their terrible scarring. Almond Oil is known to have emollients that actually strengthen and nourish the skin. Massaging almond oil can promote blood circulation and that means no stretch marks. It can prevent stretch marks, reduce them but it cannot really remove them. So always use this oil as a precaution.


5. Almond Oil can make a great lip balm

Well, lips that get drier by the minute can opt for a natural oil like Almond Oil to stay healthy. Oils get absorbed better into the skin than creams and balms and that really is what you need if your lips are always chapped. Or mix a spoon of honey into the almond oil to make a DIY lip balm. Easy-peasy!


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