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"Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead."

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Lucille Ball-'The most famous redhead of all

Lucille Ball once said, "Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead."

Lucille's natural hair color was a light to medium brown with reddish tones. She then bleached it to a blonde and then she became a red head to be different from the other platinum blonde starlets.


Dying her natural brown hair red was one of the greatest risks Lucille Ball took early in her career but it became one of the late comedian's most beautiful physical features that helped  succeed in Hollywood.


Lucille Ball is famous for a lot of reasons but in the world of hairstylists we find her signature red hair the best kept secret in Hollywood. Even her hair stylist Irma Kusely was instructed to keep her hair dye under lock and key. Quoted, as being more of a golden apricot color that beautiful red was kept vibrant with a secret Egyptian Henna Rinse. Which explains why it has been so hard to duplicate by hair designers across the country.

Irma Kusely – Lucille Ball’s Hairdresser

“Her hair color? I call it apricot but a lot of people think of it as red.  It’s not red at all. It’s a golden apricot color. We used regular hair dye when I did her own hair. We then used as a balance, a henna rinse, which she was famous for. She had a safe of it  in my garage …  She loved to gamble and when we did a show in Las Vegas, she met a very wealthy sheik and he heard about her problem about the henna and he said he would send her the henna. And he did. She moved a box of henna which was in my garage but in the safe. There was a lot of it left when she left this world, but I had to give it to the estate. I don’t know what little Lucie did with it, maybe sold it for a million dollars. Just for a spoonful, can you imagine what I could’ve made with that?”

Referance: – Archive of American Television

A newpaper article in 'Ottawa Citizen'- June 7, 1952, interviewed Lucille Ball. I find Lucille so interesting and was thrilled when I found this interview with here.

Lucille Ball: “Not being a beauty, I hated any part in a picture which depended on beauty.” Lucille said quickly. “I resented work where looks were that important. There are so many glamor girls that I felt it was silly for me to try to compete with them.

“I had to learn to concentrate on developing my personlity- to have an individual approach. The way you feel about yourself has a lot to do with the impression you make.

“Then, too, my hair was a nothing-brown, and I hated it,” Lucille added.

Reporter: "Do you advocate changing the color of your hair?'

Lucille Ball: “Yes, if it’s not right for you in its natural color,” Lucille said. “But it has to be healthy first. I think the quality of your hair is more important than the color. I use henna and my hair is in good condition, but I never get a permanent. I try to towel-dry my hair.”

Lucille Balls Beauty Tips For Longer Lashes: “I have an oil my mother in-law brought me from Cuba that I use on my lashes. It makes them grow, and look better. The only trouble is that you can’t buy it here, but I have found a wonderful substitute- it’s odorless castor oil. And the nice thing about it is that you can get it in any drug store.”

A favourite episode of ‘I Love Lucy’ in which Lucille Ball stars as the main character ‘Lucy’, is when she dresses up as Shaherizadi, the Maharincess of Franistan. The Maharincess, just happens to be Ricky Ricardo's (Lucy’s husband) #1 fan in the world, as a way for Ricky to gain some well-earned publicity. She was wearing a black wig that slips off halfway to show her red hair underneath. She passes this off, as the key birthmark of Franistanian royalty, red and black hair! Her wonderful statement to her wig falling off was, “I'm not a Maharincess, I'm a Henna-Rinse-ess!” 

Referance: Episode #31 - The Publicity Agent

Season: #1 - 1951-52

Filmed: April 4, 1952

 Shaherizadi, the Maharincess of Franistan

 “I'm not a Maharincess, I'm a Henna-Rinse-ess!” 












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