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Black Seed Flat Bread

I have been meaning to try this yummy Black Seed Flat Bread recipe for so long. I can’t believe I finally tried it out! I originally found it on Organic Guru’s blog. I have to apologies as I totally mutilated her recipe. Baking isn’t my thing, but hey, at least I gave it a go right? 

Ingredients & Method:

2 cups of flours of your choice.

I used 1 cup wholemeal plain flour and I cup plain flour. You can use any flour you like, these ones just happened to be what was in my pantry the day I decided to make this luscious bread.

Himalayan Salt or Plain Cooking Salt

Black Seeds, Kalonji Seeds,...

Posted by in Health on August 17, 2013 .

Who is behind OH So Halal?

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmat'Allah Wa Barakaatahu,

My name is Rana, and I'm a mother of four beautiful children who have changed and challenged my life in so many ways.

What prompted me to start searching out and learning more about the healing of our Prophet's (peace be upon him) medicine, is the fact that all four of my children suffer from allergies, eczema and asthma. After years of following doctors’ advice, giving them every medication on the market, I found that none of them were working to relieve my children of their allergies. I decided, enough is enough! It is up to me to make a radical...