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Home Ambiance

Home Ambiance

oh so halal brings you the best in halal and sunnah home decorator items to help you create a warm cosy and inviting space in your home in shaa Allah. 

Burning some Frankincense resin while the kids get ready for school. Love the fragrance of Black Hojari so sweet and spicy ma shaa Allah. The kids loved waking up to this sweet smelling smoke  
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My little boy seems to have caught a cold and a 'croup' like cough from kindy. Not wanting his virus to spread to the rest of the family, I have begun our morning with fumigating the house with Frankincense/Lubaan. In shaa Allah, this will prevent further spread of this virus and other nasty germs lurking around waiting to pounce! lol! I need my sleep! 

Ibn Al-Qayyim narrated that Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said "Fumigate your houses with Thyme & Frankincense (Lubaan)".

Posted by in Home Ambiance on February 26, 2014 .

Why are Salt Lamps good for you?

As well as being beautiful, salt lamps release negatively charged ions. These negative ions neutralize positively charged ions given out by computers, televisions, power grids etc. Negatively charged ions create an environment that is similar to being near the sea or a waterfall and are what give the air in these areas that fresh feeling. The salt lamps should be lit at all times as they give off more negative ions that way.

Air quality is extremely important to our health and happiness. Some call negative ions "The Vitamins of the Air".

By using Salt Crystal lamps, we can easily improve our...

Posted by in Home Ambiance on November 09, 2013 .

Black Seed (Nigella Sativa). How I grew my own

Step 1: Get yourself some Black Seeds (Nigella Sativa Seeds).

Step 2: I literally threw handfuls all over my garden beds in my front yard. If you've read my previous blog posts, you will know by now that I'm a sister who likes to do things the simplest (okay, laziest) way possible! lol! I call it time management :)

Step 3: Wait for nature to do it's thing and your patience will be rewarded with Black Seed Flowers (Nigella Sativa Flowers) scattered randomly and popping their pretty little heads all over your garden bed :) These beauties put a smaile on my dial...

Posted by in Health, Home Ambiance on September 09, 2013 .

Alhumdullilah, oh so halal sources its Himalayan Salt Products directly from Pakistan. The salt crystals are mined in the Khewra Salt Mine, the second largest mine in the world. The largest mine being in Sifto, Canada, Salt Mine in Ontario. Khewra is located 100 miles south of Pakistan's capital Islamabad, it is the largest and oldest salt mine in the country, drawing up to 250,000 visitors a year. 

Subhan’Allah, the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan is so beautiful and beyond amazing! Let me tell you why. Inside this amazing gift from Allah (subhana wa t'ala, Glorified and Exalted is He), is a 50 year old masjid made entirely out of...