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Natural Black Seed Citrus Facial Cleanser 

The first step to vibrant healthy skin. Only the most potent and pure organic or wild crafted botanicals are utilized. A natural alternative to using soap to clean your face. Natural fruit acids are used to speed exfoliation, improve skin tone and texture, unblock pores, reduce discoloration and age spots, and promote the emergence of healthy skin cells. Our Organic deep cleansing facial wash will help dissolve sebum and oil deposits that can clog pores. Skin will feel silky smooth, vibrant and ultra clean after the cleansing process. Non drying and good for all skin types.


Posted by in Beauty on Jan 21, 2014 .

Black Seed Anti Wrinkle Serum: Product Review

Formulated to infuse your skin with healthy moisture, but never leave you greasy. This remarkable cream has the ability to accelerate new cell growth. It softens and moisturizers tiny facial lines, while healing and promoting healthier facial tissues.

Directions for usage: Moisturize your face and neck with serum every morning and/or night after you cleanse and tone. Always moisturize your face and neck in upward motions. Moisturizing is important for all skin types. In every step of skin care always use circular, upward motions with a gentle touch on your face. Don't help gravity by...

Natural Rose Oil and Vitamin A Facial Moisturizer with Black Seed: Product Review

Everyone loves this scrumptious cream!

Ingredients are everything when it comes to choosing a truly beneficial face cream, this is why we formulated ours using premium organic botanicals and skin softening oils.

Our unique face cream is a delicate blend of organic skin nourishing oils and botanicals.

This unique botanical formulation provides a precise balance of effective herbal ingredients historically known to provide nourishment and moisture to delicate skin.

Specifically designed for application to the delicate facial area to enhance...

Moroccan Healing Mud Clay Blend for Face and Body 6oz. Powder: Product Review

All natural purification and detox.

Helps prevent and heal acne.

Natural shampoo.

Treat yourself to this 100% all natural, extraordinary moisturizing body treatment. From the Atlas Mountains of Morocco comes fresh Ghassoul clay mineral combined with black seed herbal powder leaving the skin amazingly soft. Added to this deep moisturizing richness is a blend of Shea butter, an emollient used for centuries in Africa as a skin care product. It has been used to heal and moisturize skin that has been exposed to the elements. It also helps reduce the...

Natural Pomegranate and Green Tea Anti Aging Cream: Product Review

Discover a full body anti-wrinkle treatment.

Turn back time and enjoy smooth, firm skin again, thanks to the pampering care of botanical oils.

This delicately scented milky lotion replenishes skin in depth, while nourishing botanical oils and a full body anti-wrinkle treatment leaves skin silky, yet never greasy.

Directions: Apply daily, morning or night all over face and body for comforting hydration. Thoroughly massage areas where moisture is needed.


Pomegranate Oil: helps to regenerate skin cells and, in turn, offset the...

Pomegranate Seed Fruit Nourishing Body Oil - 120ml

The sign of a healthy man is a healthy beard. A healthy beard must have strong and thick hair, a lustrous shine, and good body. A guy with a full, healthy beard has that manly aura about him, and if you’ve got a beard, you need to take care of it as you would your head hair.

Using beard oil on your beard hair will make sure that your beard has that silky shine which will have your partner stroking your beard non-stop!

Unique deep-penetrating oil which refreshes, nourishes, and softens the skin, face, hair, or beard. Full of natural vitamins, minerals and essential...

Posted by in Home Ambiance on Feb 26, 2014 .

Why are Salt Lamps good for you?

As well as being beautiful, salt lamps release negatively charged ions. These negative ions neutralize positively charged ions given out by computers, televisions, power grids etc. Negatively charged ions create an environment that is similar to being near the sea or a waterfall and are what give the air in these areas that fresh feeling. The salt lamps should be lit at all times as they give off more negative ions that way.

Air quality is extremely important to our health and happiness. Some call negative ions "The Vitamins of the Air".

By using Salt Crystal lamps, we can easily improve our...

Posted by in Health, Beauty on Mar 04, 2014 .

Misk (Musk)

Taken From: Healing with the medicine of the Prophet (peace be upon him), by Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyah

Muslim narrated that Abu Sai'd Al-Khudri said that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "The best type of perfume is Musk." 

In the Sahihain it is also narrated that ‘Aishah (RA) said: "I used to anoint the Prophet (peace be upon him) with perfumed Musk before assuming Ihram, on the Day of the Sacrifice and before performing Tawaf around the (Sacred) House."

Musk is the king of all perfumes, it has the best aroma. Other types of perfumes are usually compared to Musk, but Musk is never compared to them....