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Henna Nail Stains (Australian Customers Only)

Henna Nail Stains (Australian Customers Only)
Henna Nail Stains (Australian Customers Only) Henna Nail Stains (Australian Customers Only) Henna Nail Stains (Australian Customers Only) Henna Nail Stains (Australian Customers Only) Henna Nail Stains (Australian Customers Only)
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Our Henna Nail Stains are only for Australian Customers. Unfortunately, our Henna Nail Stains are classed as 'Dangerous Goods' by Australian Customs as the ingredients may be flammable which is a risk for air mail travel. We apologies sincerely to our International Customers.


For a more detailed discussion, plus customer photo reviews, please click on our following Facebook social media post on the link below:


Our Henna Lip and Nail Stains are Halal Certified by Halal Industry Research Centre (HIRC) in Pakistan. 

* Remember sisters. This is an adornment only for your Mahrams to see. If you cover your feet when you go out, than this stain is perfect for you :)


Our Henna Nail Stains are made of henna extract. They do NOT coat the nail, they actually stain/tint the nail! 

Our Henna Nails Stains will never measure up to the look of Nail Polish as the nail will only aquire a hint of the colour left behind by the stain. If you are after a dark and intense colour, then these stains wont be for you. On the other hand, those that wish for a light colour on the nail, then this is the product for you! 

For some reason, our Henna Stains work so much better on toe nails then fingernails. Maybe it's due to the fact that one can keep the stain on longer before it gets wiped or washed off giving the Henna Stain time to do it's work :)

This is good news for Muslim women as this results in no disturbance in Wudu/Ablutions, or their Salaat/Prayers after application. This is the same with our Lip Stains. Having your nails colored with our henna stains, keeps them in a natural state. Water touches the nails top porous layer during Wudu. 

Ingredients: Natural Henna Oil, Barberry Root Powder, Beeswax, *Herbal Colors, Vegetable Glycerine derived from Coconut Oil, *Grain alcohol derived from Corn) and does not contain gluten (a common allergen) otherwise known as Alcohol Denat (38b, Lavender), Flower Scent and Mineral Water. 

*Colors obtained by extraction of following Herbs and Flowers: Alkanet, Chamomile, Turmeric, Marigold, Safflower, Rhubarb, Madder roots, Black walnut, Cinnamon, Cloves, Hibiscus.

*Grain alcohol derived from Corn otherwise known as Alcohol Denat (38b, Lavender): Powerful antiseptic, naturally obtained through the fermenting of carbohydrates in grains (Corn). Especially denatured alcohol 38b is rendered undrinkable by the addition of an essential oil. The federal government allows for several different types of essential oils to be used as denaturants under the SDA 38b classification; however, the preferred additive for the natural cosmetic industry is lavender. (Many cosmetic formulations contain isopropyl alcohol, a petrochemical that is much cheaper to use and very harsh and drying to the skin.)

Size: 15ml

How to apply our Henna Nail Stain. Please follow the steps given below:

- The Henna Nail Stain has a very thick consistency. This is because it is made up of herbal ingredients.

 - Trim your nails if you wish.

- Clean your nails and push back the cuticles.

- If you soak your nails in warm water for 15 minutes, the keratin will soften a little and you’ll get a better stain.

 - To protect your fingers, apply shea butter or cocoa butter carefully around the nail bed with a Q-Tip to ensure that henna bleed does not stain them. This step is optional as the henna will fade from the skin eventually.

- Also optional, you can dab a bit of essential oil (tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, or clove can all be used) onto nails to help the henna sink in.

- Apply a layer of Henna Nail Stain to your fingernails or toenails (I would suggest for first time users to start with toenails. Reason being, if you mess up, or decide that you don’t like the ‘stained’ look, you can easily hide them with shoes or socks. The same can’t be said about your hands!) Allow to dry for at least 30 minutes. The longer you leave it on the better the stain result. The Henna Nail Stain won’t completely dry out, so what you need to do is wipe off the excess wetness with a tissue. What you will see is the nail that has been stained by the henna.

- If the color is too light for you, just repeat the process until you’re happy with the color.

- The color builds up with further applications, so if you want a deeper colour, apply 3 or more separate coats of the stain.

- You may notice that the tips of your big toe nail won’t stain as well. The reason being that by the time the nail has grown out that far, it has hardened. The more often you use your henna nail stain; this won’t become an issue anymore. Henna penetrates the part of the nail near the cuticle more easily than the part of the nail near the tip, because this keratin is softer and more recently formed. If you henna your nails every week, the stain will be darker and more even through the length of the nail. You have to keep in mind though, these are NOT a polish. You won’t get a clear shiny coating on your nails. They are stains. They will 'stain' your nails. Depending on how porous the keratin in your nails are, will depend on how well the nails will soak up the stain. To get an even colour, you will typically need three coats. The end color will be matte, not shiny. I love the look on my toenails better than my hands. For people who are not used to staining their nails with henna, the matte look can come as a shock. 

* Keep in mind. Henna Nails are a stain, so you will have whatever color you choose for at least a week, maybe longer depending on how many layers of stain have been applied. There is no quick way to remove after it's dried. It will fade and grow out.

* Remember sisters. This is an adornment only for your Mahrams to see. If you cover your feet when you go out, than this stain is perfect for you.



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