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Henna Lip Stains

Henna Lip Stains
Henna Lip Stains Henna Lip Stains
Brand: oh so halal
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A Henna Base with Natural, Organic, & Plant Ingredients. Wudu Friendly & Halal Certified.

Our Henna Lip and Nail Stains are Halal Certified by Halal Industry Research Centre (HIRC) in Pakistan. 

Our Henna Lip Stains are made of henna extract; they do not coat the nails or lips. They actually stain them! The nails and lips remain natural and porous. This results in no disturbance in Wudu or Namaz performance after applying these stains. Our Henna Stains are a natural dye and not a coating, so the lips and nails remain naked (un-coated or say breathable). One can feel the water on lips, nails, and skin, as water permeates through. The Henna Lip and Nail Stains are absolutely valid for Wudu. After application of our stains, Muslim women can perform their Prayer (Namaz / Salaat).

A true Henna Lip Stain made from a Henna base that absorbs into your skin and is:

Kiss proof

Smudge proof


Gluten free

Soy free

Has no harsh chemicals

Is Long Lasting

Non drying

Wears off evenly and gradually

Because this is a stain you can use it anywhere on your body! Yes, anywhere! Lips, fingernails, eyelids, eyebrows, you name it!

This is not a tint or gloss, our stains go on matte and you decide if you want to add gloss or shine. Apply our stain with the convenient wand applicator. You decide how dark you want the color to be. The more coats you apply the longer it lasts!

Directions for Use as a Lip Stain:  Make sure lips are clean and dry. Apply a thin coat with the applicator tip evenly to upper and lower lips. Allow to dry for a minute. Blot with a tissue if necessary. To darken lip stain, repeat the process until the lips are stained as dark as you like.

You may also mix colors layering them one on top of the other for a stain unique to you! You may apply lip balm or lip gloss over the top of your stain for added shine. Reapply as needed. The stain will roughly last about 8 hours depending on what you eat. Oily foods will fade the stain faster.

Directions for Use as a Nail Stain: Apply a thick layer of stain and allow to dry for at least 15 – 30 minutes. It won’t completely dry out, so what you need to do is wipe off the excess wet henna stain with a tissue. What you will see is the nail that has been stained by the henna. If the color is too light for you, just repeat the process until you’re happy with the color.

You may notice that the tips of your big toe nail won’t stain as well. The reason being that by the time the nail has grown out that far, it has hardened. The more often you use your henna beauty stain; this won’t become an issue anymore.

The stain will only last about a week the first few times you apply it as a nail stain. As it 'stains' the nails it will depend on how hard your nails are. The softer the keratin, the easier it is to stain. The harder the nail, i.e. the big toenail, the harder to stain. Have you noticed how hard it is to cut your big toe compared to the baby toe? Like I said, the more coats you apply the deeper the color  as you will be continually staining the nails as they grow so that the fresh stained nail will eventually get to the tips.

Ingredients: Natural Henna Oil, Barberry Root Powder, Beeswax, *Herbal Colors, Vegetable Glycerine derived from Coconut Oil, *Grain alcohol derived from Corn) and does not contain gluten (a common allergen) otherwise known as Alcohol Denat (38b, Lavender), Flower Scent (Rosehip Fragrance) and Mineral Water. 

*Colors obtained by extraction of following Herbs and Flowers: Alkanet, Chamomile, Turmeric, Marigold, Safflower, Rhubarb, Madder roots, Black walnut, Cinnamon, Cloves, Hibiscus.

*Grain alcohol derived from Corn otherwise known as Alcohol Denat (38b, Lavender): Powerful antiseptic, naturally obtained through the fermenting of carbohydrates in grains (Corn). Especially denatured alcohol 38b is rendered undrinkable by the addition of an essential oil. The federal government allows for several different types of essential oils to be used as denaturants under the SDA 38b classification; however, the preferred additive for the natural cosmetic industry is lavender. (Many cosmetic formulations contain isopropyl alcohol, a petrochemical that is much cheaper to use and very harsh and drying to the skin.)

Henna Lip Stains are all-natural and contain no harsh chemicals.

Size: 15ml


(Typically the color seen in the bottle/tube is lighter and more translucent than it appears—color darkens with each layer applied)

A color chip of the shade once applied to the lips, as provided by the manufacturer’s color chip on the end cap

Please bear in mind that the shade will vary depending on each individual's natural lip pigmentation.

No refunds or exchanges once the product has been opened or used.


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