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Hamil Al Musk Easy Lite Charcoal Discs

Hamil Al Musk Easy Lite Charcoal Discs
Hamil Al Musk Easy Lite Charcoal Discs Hamil Al Musk Easy Lite Charcoal Discs
Brand: oh so halal
Product Code: OSH20
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A foil wrapped roll of 10 disk shaped, 33mm diameter, tablets of quick lighting charcoal for burning Frankincense.

 A quick light charcoal which lights very quickly (30 sec) and easily (using a cigarette lighter) and is good value for money.

These charcoal disks will leave ash and crumble on burning.

High quality charcoal.  

Approx. 40-60 min of burning time per disc.

Roll of 10 charcoal disc tablets  

33 mm in diameter

How to use: Charcoal discs are easy and safe to use. Hold with tweezers and use lighter to get the coal burning. Blow until glows orange. Alternatively, use a gas stove for 10 seconds or so. Once lit, place coal onto a burner. Add some Frankincense and enjoy! 

Tips and Tricks for making the most of your Charcoal Disks 

Have you experienced them moments when you light the charcoal and it doesn't light? well here are some quick tips and on how to use the coal  help you ignite to get started inhaling the heavenly aroma of Frankincense.

  • Make sure your charcoal pack is always in an airtight container. Once the air is exposed to the coal it will eventually dry up the chemical which helps it to alight.
  • Breaking the charcoal in half or a quarter is a good way to have a quick frankincense fix without wasting an entire piece of coal
  • Always light the charcoal away from your face as sometimes bits of sizzling coal will fly off.
  • It is good practice to wait for the coal to fully light up before adding the frankincense resin, this normally takes about 30seconds.
  • Never pour water onto the coal to distinguish it, always allow it to burn itself to ashes.
  • Never empty an incense burners ashes just after a frankincense session. Let the ash completely cool down. Better to empty the next day.


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