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Frankincense Resin - Yellow Hojari 50g

Frankincense Resin - Yellow Hojari 50g
Frankincense Resin - Yellow Hojari 50g Frankincense Resin - Yellow Hojari 50g
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Yellow Hojari Frankincense Resin

This grade is known for its healing properties, and is ideal for internal use.

Our 100% Organic and Natural, Yellow Hojari Frankincense resin has a refreshingly light and sweet lemony aroma.

The Boswellic acids (BAs) in the resin purify the blood cells, reduce menstrual and arthritis pain, treats joint inflammations, asthma, digestion and kidney disease. 

Suggested Use: Can be chewed as a sweet, or boiled until its dissolved and drunk as a tea. Promotes productivity, purity and peace. Graded three times under natural light, to ensure it can be taken internally.

Taking Internally

There are 3 ways to take Frankincense internally. the first way is to just simply chew on a raw piece of Frankincense. No need to wash it, just simply pop it into the mouth and start chewing. The other two are as a drink. To make Frankincense in to drink it can only be made with or yellow, green and royal grades. As these are the three therapeutic grades and have many healing properties.

Frankincense Tea

Pour 3-4 mugs of water into a saucepan. Heat the water and bring to the boil. Drop one piece of Frankincense resin preferably the size of a cashew nut into the pan. Stir continuously until resins dissolves into the water. The resin is very sticky and will leave residue on the side of the pan which is difficult to remove. Try to use all of the resin to dissolve in the pan. Once dissolved pour into a mug. Any small bits of resin are total fine to consume in the drink. We advise you use a pan sole for the use of Making Frankincense Tea. Can be drunk at any time of the day best results are in the morning or night on an empty stomach. Once a day is enough for treating an illness, otherwise every 2 days is great for health.

Frankincense Infused Water

Use a 1 litre bottle of mineral or spring water to add a piece of Frankincense resin. Leave the bottle at room temperature for 24 hours and then place in the fridge. You can drink the water as much as you like throughout the day as ordinary water. When the bottle becomes empty simply pour the resin into another bottle or top up the same bottle with water. Repeat the process again. The same resin can be used until the water no longer becomes cloudy. Maximum time for storing the resin in the water is approximately 3 months. Frankincense water is very refreshing and rejuvenating.

Size: 50g

Product of Oman

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