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Miswak Toothpaste with Black Seeds 100g (Close to expiration date)

Miswak Toothpaste with Black Seeds 100g (Close to expiration date)
Brand: Hemani
Product Code: HEM00205
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Close to expiration date: Sep 2019

Miswak Toothpaste with Black Seeds 100g

Key Ingredients:

Black Seed: Strengthens Gums and Teeth

Mint: Freshens Breath

Miswak: Prevents Tooth Decay

Naturally formulated dental gel that contains the best of ingredients to give you a priceless sparkling smile.

Great for bad breath and bleeding gums.

Use twice daily


Brush thoroughly for 3-5 minutes. Gargle with lukewarm water for best results. Children below 5 years of age should brush under adult supervision.


Each 100g contains: Barringtonia Acutangula 2%, Piper Chaba 0.5%, Alum 2%, Salvadora Persica 1%, Mentha Piperata 1%, Glycyrrhiza Glabra 1%, Cochilospermum Religiosum 1.5%, Nigella Sativa 1%, Juglans Regia 0.25%

Excepients: Sorbitol 70%, Sodium Benzoate, Silica Anhydrous, Silica Hydrated, Sodium Laryl Sulphate, Sodium Saccarine, Water.

Size: 100 grams

Made in India


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