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Natural Oud Oil Agarwood Essential Oil

Natural Oud Oil Agarwood Essential Oil
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Natural Oud Oil Agarwood Essential Oil
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Natural Oud Oil - 12ml

Botanical Name: Aquilaria Agallocha

Family:  Thymelaeaceae

Product of Indonesia

Application Guide: The particular type of Oud oil we carry is a CO2 extract. It is very viscous and dark brown oil, is non-sticky, and can be applied directly to the skin (in minute amounts) or thinned in a carrier oil. 

Ouds all differ but one thing remains consistent amongst all the different species and that is the deep note. When trying to understand the deep note of a quality oud you have to place a drop on the back of your hand and leave it for an hour. Then after an hour you should put your nose on the back of your hand and breathe out through your nose, then take a long breath. The smell should be continuous and take you on a journey that does not stop, it will last as long as 10 hours.

How to apply Oud Oil

1.  Swipe a healthy serving of your Oud oil on your wrist with the bottle's applicator stick

2.  Rub the oil gently with the index finger, leaving a sheen of oil on your wrist

3.  Begin to put some of the Oud which is on your finger between the neck and ear area

4.  Follow the same steps to get the opposite neck area scented with Oud

Description of the smell of Oud Oil/Agarwood Essential Oil:

Top note   :  Pungent Smokey smell, animalistic smell, but not existing more than 20 minutes
Med note   :  sweet smell
Base note  :  woody, sweet, very little rancid smell 

Oud Oil, also known as Agarwood Essential Oil, is without a doubt the most refined olfactory merchandise available anywhere.

Oud oil is very strong, if not, the most powerful smell in the world of perfumery. But it is usually the initial hit after application and smelling it right out of the bottle that can be overwhelming for the unexperienced nose. That is why, we strongly recommend starting off by applying very tiny amounts, and not smelling the oils directly. Over time, as your nose gets used to the smell, you will find the smell of oud an absolute delight in its entirety, from application to the dry down.

Oud oil is 100% pure and natural while commercial perfumes are about 95% synthetic material. The experience of the true Oud oil is very different from perfumes, in some religious usage, it is used to calm the mind to attain higher happiness and clarity. Even if kept unused in the bottle, Oud oil only appreciate in value. The older the Oud oil, the higher the value. It is even more valuable than gold.

Uses of Agarwood Essential Oil
The aroma of agarwood oil is believed to relax the mind, provide emotional stability, and relieve anxiety and depression. Its application also helps to get rid of muscle fatigue and joint pain.
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