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Cough, Cold and Flu

Cough, Cold and Flu
Brand: Sweet Sunnah Product Code: 10400
This healthy unique synergy of two of the best herbal supplements, was our first product on the market. This mixture is the original from the Tibb-e-Nabawi recipe for healing. A healthy, sweet mixture of ground black seeds, black seed oil, and raw wildflower honey. Our dark mineral rich ho..
Brand: The Frankincense Store Product Code: TFS007
Frankincense Nasal Inhaler - Boswellia Negecta100% Natural and Organic Boswellia Neglecta from KenyaCarry the sacred aroma of Frankincense everywhere you go with this easy to use nasal stick. Inhale to clear the nasal passage and uplift, invigorate and stimulate an active positive mind. Bosw..
Brand: Mt Retour Product Code: MRO009
A refreshing blend for clearing the respiratory system. This blend revitalises and reawakens the senses. Ideal for alleviating symptoms of cold, flu, nasal congestion and sinusitis as well as supporting respiratory health.Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Oil Blend of:-- Camellia Oil - Almond..
Brand: Mt Retour Product Code: MRO010
Certified Organic Eucalyptus Essential OilIngredients: Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) 100% Certified Organic Essential OilDirections: Multipurpose Liquid (1ml/1ml)Massage: 4 drops to 10ml carrier oilBath: 2-3 drops in a full drawn bath.Vaporiser: 8-10 drops in a bowl of th..
Brand: Vrindavan Product Code: V002
100% Pure and OrganicBreathe Blend helps to enhance breathing by maximising the delivery of oxygen to lungs and clearing the respiratory tract of built up mucus. This organic formulation also helps fight bacterial, viral and fungal infections and contains anti-inflammatory properties to help support..
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