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Brand: oh so halal Product Code: TFS005
Pure Hojari Frankincense Incense Sticks  Made from Pure Hojari Frankincense No synthetic ingredients or fragrances Sweet Aroma Excellent insect repellent Each Stick burns for around 2 hours Sticks are 5mm diameter and 220 mm long 8 Sticks in a packetMade in Oman..
Hemani Fragrance Free Hajj & Umrah Kit (6 in 1 Pack)
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Brand: Hemani Product Code: HEM00203
Hemani Fragrance Free Hajj & Umrah Kit (6 in 1 Pack) Product Description: Hemani Fragrance-Free Hajj & Umrah Kit (6 in 1 Pack) is packed with all the essentials that will comfort you during your spiritual journey. This Kit box contains: 1. Fragrance-Free Soap 75 gm 2. Fra..
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Wooden Soap Holder
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Brand: oh so halal Product Code: OSH40
No more mushy soaps with our slated wooden soap holders. Ideal for use with handmade soap as it allows the soap to dry thoroughly and naturally prolonging the life of the soap by keeping it dry and hard. Benefits: Easy to clean Hygienic Modern design light weightOutside Dimensions: 11.5 x 9 c..
Brand: Alamir Coal Product Code: AC001
A foil-wrapped roll of 10 disk-shaped, 33mm diameter, tablets of quick lighting charcoal for burning Frankincense or Bakhour.  Quick light charcoal discs which light up very quickly (approx 30 sec) and easily (using a cigarette lighter) and is good value for money.These charcoal disks will..
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