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Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene
Brand: oh so halal Product Code: AlJ0001
Charcoal Miswak Powder with Black Seeds For Dental Whitening and Bad Breath Natural tooth powder is based on charcoal "MISWAK" by Al Juzoor for whitening teeth and eliminating bad breath.  Effective for the prevention and treatment of dental issues, bleeding gums, periodontal disease.&..
Brand: Hemani Product Code: HEM00204
Exp: 03/2021 Clove Toothpaste 100g Key Ingredients: Clove: Prevents Toothaches Mint: Freshens Breath Liquorice: Strengthens Gums. Naturally formulated dental gel that contains the best of ingredients to give you a priceless sparkling smile. Great for bad breath and bleeding gums..
Brand: The Frankincense Store Product Code: TFS005
Maydi - Chewing Gum Known as the King of Frankincense in Somalia, Maydi resins look crystallised and have a translucent golden colour. It is widely used as a chewing gum, and has many healing benefits for the mouth and stomach. A prestigious chewing gum made from the sap of the Boswellia Frere..
Brand: Sewak Al-Falah Product Code: SAF001
Miswak Stick Scientific Name: Salvadora Persica Packing: Each stick is Vacuum Sealed A few important benefits of Miswak:   1.     Kills bacteria that causes gum disease 2.     Fights plaque effectively. 3.     Useful and effectives for teeth whitening 4.     Helps reduce tooth de..
Brand: Altaiba-International Product Code: ALT000
Size/Dimensions:  Medium: 150 x 13 mm New concept to safely and hygienically store your siwak after use. Plastic pen like miswak holder opens to keep your siwak clean from dust and insects. Keep the holder securely in your pocket, desk, or bathroom. How to use: Soak the root in water for a ..
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