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Brand: oh so halal Product Code: OSH45
Multi Use Sunnah Salve! Made with fresh, hand-picked dandelion blossoms infused into Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Eat olive oil and anoint yourselves with it, for it is from a blessed tree." (Tirmidhi At'ima, 43) Locally sourced beeswax from a small hobby farm in Melbourne “…There e..
Brand: Hemani Product Code: HEM00203
Hemani Fragrance Free Hajj & Umrah Kit (6 in 1 Pack) Product Description: Hemani Fragrance-Free Hajj & Umrah Kit (6 in 1 Pack) is packed with all the essentials that will comfort you during your spiritual journey. This Kit box contains: 1. Fragrance-Free Soap 75 gm 2. Fra..
Brand: Hemani Product Code: HEM00177
Suitable for all skin types. Benefits:  -Restoring, toning, and moisturizing  -Anti-aging and rejuvenating  -Uplifts emotional levels  -Balances skin pH level  -Anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing  -Protects and purifies skin  Instructions: Close your e..
Brand: Hemani Product Code: HEM00222
Herbal infusion containing the Miraculous herb, Black Seed.Black Seeds provide unbelievable benefits.Directions: Place one teaspoon of rough-cut tea in your teapot per cup of tea required. Add freshly boiled water and brew for 2-3 minutes and strain. Serve hot or cold, as desired. Ingredie..
Al Kohl Al Noor - Ithmid Kohl
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Brand: Al Baseer Product Code: AB001
Al Kohl Al Noor by Al BaseerSterilized 100% pure natural Ithmid Kohl. Comes with Applicator. Kohl is an ancient eye cosmetic & medicine, traditionally made by grinding natural stone.The Messenger of Allah (Peace and blessings be upon him) said "The best of your kohl is ithmid (antimony), for it ..
Brand: Hemani Product Code: HEM00216
Aniseed Herbal TeaSweet and Soothing20 Tea BagsDirections: Put one tea bag in a cup of boiling water and leave it for 3-5 minutes. It can be sweetened with honey or sugarIngredients: 2g of AniseedN.WT. 40 gm eExp: 09/2022Made in Pakistan..
Brand: Hemani Product Code: HEM00225
A beautifully packaged premium quality Attar and Bakhoor Gift Set contains BakhourFragrance CreamAttarBakhour BurnerYour Home Will Have An Aromatic Ambience filled with oriental scent...
Brand: Hemani Product Code: HEM00219
Hemani Beard Nourishing Oil is an ultra-hydrating oil formulated with a blend o essential oils to condition the beard and nourish the skin underneath. Tea Tree Oil reduces itching and Mint Oil provides a fresh scent. Achieve a healthy-looking beard and relief from itchy, flaky skin underneath.Refres..
Brand: Hemani Product Code: HEM00221
Antifungal Formula with Black SeedBlack seed foot cream with tea tree oil prived softness to the feet and has antifungal protective effects. Rich in moisturising and softening ingredients help with the everyday conditioning of your feet.Directions: Apply liberally on feet and massage into heels. For..
Brand: Hemani Product Code: HEM00217
Black Seed Herbal TeaMiraculous and Beneficial20 Tea BagsDirections: Put one tea bag in a cup of boiling water and leave it for 3-5 minutes. It can be sweetened with honey or sugarIngredients: 2g of Black SeedsN.WT. 40 gm eExp: 11/2022Made in Pakistan..
Brand: M.T Herbal Care Co. Product Code: MTHCC001
Black Seed Vapour Rub for the Common Cold and Muscle FatigueFor External Use: Unique blend of Black Seed Oil with other heating oils in a scientifically tested formulaUses: A soothing topical vapour rub to be applied to the chest, the neck and the back for common cold and flu cases. It may be used a..
Brand: Hemani Product Code: HEM00220
Hemani Black Seed CreamHelps in relaxationIngredients: Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) Paraffinum Liquidum, Petrolatum, Aqua, Paraffinum SolidumSize: 10 ml eMade in PakistanEXP: 08/2022..
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