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Frankincense Resin -Citrus Hojari 100g

Frankincense Resin -Citrus Hojari 100g
Frankincense Resin -Citrus Hojari 100g
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Citrus Hojari

Citrus Hojari is a combination of the smaller Orange, Amber, and Yellow Hojari resins. It has a distinctive Orange and Lemony Citrus aroma and is ideal for perfuming the atmosphere with its sweet and light zesty scent.

Perfect for relaxation, it treats sleeping disorders and is uplifting for the spirits in the morning. Producing a calming and pleasant aroma, enhancing positive moods, and promoting a sense of peace, harmony, and happiness in your environment.

Tip: Loving the Sun? But don't like flying insects? Don't kill them with aerosols cans ... Just burn our citrus hojari frankincense and watch them buzz off!

How to Use:

Step 1.

Light a piece of charcoal using a pair of tongs.

Step 2.

Place hot charcoal onto a terracotta burner.

Step 3.

Add a piece of Frankincense on top of the charcoal.

Size: 50g

Health Benefits

Frankincense (‘Lubaan’ in Arabic) is an aromatic resin produced by a certain genus of trees grown mainly in Yemen, Somalia, and Oman, and is traditionally used in perfumes, incense, and as a medicine. The resin is tapped and allowed to harden. It is most commonly very light yellow in colour and is discussed as one of the medicines used in the treatment of forgetfulness in the book ‘Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet by Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah’ 

Frankincense has many healing benefits. A natural herb that has been used for thousands of years has healed many people. Most of the many varied medicinal uses can be found in the 'Syriac Book of Medicine' which dates back to Alexandria c. the 4th -5th century. It has been used for nose-bleeding, headaches, ailments of the eyes and ears, gout, palsy, diarrhea, ailments affecting the voice and the lungs, coughing, catarrh, pleurisy, stomach pains, diseases of the liver, kidney and bladder complaints, hardness of the spleen, nausea, ailments of the anus and dysentery.* 

Modern science now proves that Frankincense can also be used to treat cancer cells. Diabetes, Arthritis Pain, Depression, and mental illness leading to mental disorder.

With the variety of frankincense species from different regions, they all have numerous medical results. The burning of the resins, especially Boswellia Sacra has a magnificent effect on the mind-body and soul. To live a healthy lifestyle one must be conscious of our actions, the food we eat, the words we speak, the balance of our daily chores, and the lifestyle we choose to live all have an effect on our health. Frankincense can really help with bringing one back to self-awareness.

 *Frankincense & myrrh - Martin Watt & Wanda Sellar

All our Frankincense is ethically sourced from sustainable lands in the Dhofar region of Oman - Salalah.

100% Natural & Organic.

Handpicked and packed. No machines are used from the tapping process to the time it is packed. All the resins are hand sorted by colour and size so we have a wide variety of the resins. The resins are stored in hessian sacks to keep them in natural packaging. The grading process is a state of conscious meditation, and this is what makes our resins that little bit extra unique :)

Frankincense otherwise known as Luban, Olibanum, and Boswellia, has been used in a variety of ways over the centuries. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Israelites, and numerous other cultures used frankincense as part of their religious ceremonies. Many ancient texts including the Old Testament make frequent mention of frankincense in a religious context and the origin of Frankincense can be traced back to the Arabian Peninsula. Because frankincense grows almost exclusively in Oman, it has been a vital part of the Omani culture for millennia.

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