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Costus Root

Brand: Springato Product Code: S001
Qust Al Bahri Powder- No Filler- No Binders- No Common AllergensSize: 100 gramsIngredients: Sea Costus PowderProduct of Dubai U.A.EThere are essentially two types of Qust, Indian (Qust al Hindi) and Marine/Sea (Qust al Bahri). Qust al Bahri is milder than the Hindi as the Hindi is a ‘Hot’ ..
Qust Al-Hindi (Indian Costus Root) Powder
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Brand: Hemani Product Code: HEM00208
Exp: May  2025Size: 200 gramsIngredients: Costus Root PowderMade in: PakistanManufactured by: Hemani InternationalReferenced in Prophetic Medicine (Islamic Medicine), Qust Al-Hindi is a natural aid that can help support cold and flu symptoms, immune system, and general well-..
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