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Myrrh Resin - 50g

Myrrh Resin - 50g
Myrrh Resin - 50g
Myrrh Resin - 50g
Myrrh Resin - 50g
Myrrh Resin - 50g
Myrrh Resin - 50g
Myrrh Resin - 50g
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Myrrh, deriving its name from the Arabic murr (bitter), is the sap obtained from a small thorny tree that grows in the same parts of the world as frankincense. A shrub of the genus commiphora myrrha, it grows to about 4.5 m (15 FT) feet high.

Dried oleo-gum-resin in reddish brown or deep yellow shade with a spicy, warm aroma when burned. Myrrh is considered as a potent natural antiseptic and can be used externally on the skin. It cleanses and disinfects the wounds, cuts and has properties to heal the wound faster. It is of great value in the treatment of mouth infections such as ulcers, gingivitis and pyorrhoea when used as a mouthwash. It is also proved to help in reducing the elevated cholesterol and lipid levels.  

Myrrh in Aromatherapy

Reduces airborne bacteria: Myrrh incense is known to reduce the airborne bacteria which in turn reduces the spread of contagious illnesses that are spread by airborne bacteria. 

Treats respiratory-related ailments: Myrrh can be used to reduce the chances of getting cold or flu that is spread by airborne bacteria. Additionally, myrrh is known to reduce the discomfort of respiratory-related ailments like coughs and lung congestion, making it a perfect essential oil for the flu season.

Brightens mood: As a sedative and analgesic, Myrrh is able to lift a negative mood and brighten one's mood.

How to Use:

Step 1.

Light a piece of charcoal using a pair of tongs.

Step 2.

Place hot charcoal on to an incense/bakhoor burner.

Step 3.

Add a piece of Myrrh on top of charcoal and enjoy the aroma!

Size: 50g

Product of Somalia


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